Are you interested in singing in a professional-level choir? Perhaps Laudate Singers is for you! Auditions are ongoing for the coming season! All singers are paid an honorarium for their services.

This dynamic and stylistically versatile ensemble strives for musical excellence in every performance. From Baroque to newly commissioned works, Laudate Singers offers a challenge to all advanced singers and a great experience for its audiences.
Contact us at or text 604-722-2696 to chat, receive a rehearsal schedule and set up an audition time.

Audition Requirements:

New Singers: Four songs of contrasting style (preferably not jazz or pop); at least three different languages must be represented, including German, Italian, Latin, French and English. One selection should be from the Baroque period displaying ability to sing coloratura passages.

Returning Singers: All singers will be required to audition every two years; music may be solo repertoire or passages from the year’s choral repertoire as requested by the Artistic Director.

Principal Singers: All principal singers are required to audition every year, unless exempted by the Artistic Director. Music must be two contrasting pieces from the solo repertoire.

Auditions will be held at specified times, by appointment only. Singers may bring their own accompanist; if desired, one will be provided. During the audition, the singer will also be asked to vocalize (to further explore their range, technical ability, tonal qualities), sight-sing and have ear tests.

Before arranging for an audition, the singer will be given a rehearsal/concert schedule to ascertain their availability for that season’s commitments.

In general, all singers are expected to demonstrate the following:

  1. A high level of musicianship, including reading and aural skills, knowledge of languages, musical styles and diction.
  2. Formal training is not necessary; however, a significant history of choral singing is required. Singers may be asked to pursue formal training to develop their vocal technique; this may be as a co-requisite upon joining the choir (with a probationary period) or as a pre-requisite for re-auditioning later.
  3. The ability to blend with other voices; the ability to hear and adjust pitch, diction and tonal quality when requested.
  4. Professional demeanour, consistent attendance, punctuality, attentiveness in rehearsals, willingness to prepare music for rehearsals, desire to work in a collegial manner with other singers, a positive/constructive attitude.
  5. Principal singers are expected to provide leadership within their sections; an advanced level of technical vocal skill is necessary for these positions.

For more information please contact Laudate Singers at

Last updated June 2020