Laudate Singers is pleased to present this world premiere by its composer-in-residence Emile Deedes-Vincke. “Where the Earth is Quiet” is a celebration of the wilderness surrounding the choir’s home in British Columbia.
The inspiration behind the text comes from poet Saphren Ma’s love of nature, and more specifically, Gambier island, where she has many memories of incredible choir trips in the most beautiful scenery. Growing up in British Columbia, it is hard not to have a deep love of nature and all that it offers, and it is evident in her poetry. Where the forest meets the ocean and the mountains is the place where she feels most at home. Where the Earth is Quiet –

Where the Earth is Quiet –
Here among the fragrant pine,
nestled between gleaming waters and towering mountain ranges
lies my heart.
Here, I am home.

Here where gold pours over canopies from the heavens above
where morning dew coats the Earth in silver pearls,
the air is still
and willows bend down to the waters of glass.
Here, I am home.
Here the stars return to the sky
like mist gently carried on the breeze.
Here, I am home.
Where eagles soar and ravens call to me,
when trees blush and melt to flames
my soul is reborn.
Here, I am home.
Here in the still, where the sky is wide and the Earth is quiet.
Here, I am home.

A virtual video production by:
Laudate Singers
Artistic Director, Lars Kaario
Audio/Video Producer, Preston Lee
July 2021

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